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Ish 2.0 – Viewport tester for responsive web development

Mobile web traffic is on the rise. During the first half of 2015 in Europe, one-third of all the web traffic is caused by mobile devices. In Asia it was even half of all the traffic. As I result of that it becomes more and more important to provide responsive websites for all the different devices and display sizes. Ish (yet another viewport resizer) is a useful tool the check ones website against many different screen resolutions.

Brad Frost is a web designer from Pittsburgh. He is also writing a lot about different aspects of modern web design like Atomic Design, responsiveness and the content first aspect.

His viewport resizer ish is a helpful tool to test ones website in at least three basic sizes. The are loosely called small, medium and large. Funny but also quit helpful are the other modes like disco and hay. Disco just changes the view port randomly where as hay resizes the view port gradually from large to small.


This is what this blog looks like it using ish.

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