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The domain ufie.de was created in 2004 and was inspired by the web comic series Userfriendly.org. Its primary purpose for quiet some time was storing tutorials and how-tos for various system administration tasks. In 2015 a new private blog was created about topics like  IT, web culture, web development and several more.

All content is created by Christian Stengel at the moment and provided in german and english, as long as the spare time allows it. The english version might be a bit bumpy sometimes.

Christian Stengel

Christian Stengel

IT enthusiast / GEEK / web developer / autodidact
Surfing the web since 1996. Professional web developer since 1998. CEO of eFactory GmbH & Co. KG 2000 to 2017. Since 2017 a happy member of the Wikando GmbH family.

LinkedIn: Christian Stengel
witter: @dpuppy
acebook: Christian Stengel
ing: Christian Stengel

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