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First movie trailer of book adaptation “The Martian” written by Andy Weir – Update 2

The book “The Martian” written by Andy Weir was one of the best books I’ve read in quite a while. It is Andys first novell and was first published one chapter at a time on his website. Only after that it was release as an ebook and finally published.

Due to the overwhelming feedback Twentieth Century Fox optioned the film rights. The Movie “The Martian” will be released end 2015 and first trailer was just released.

Matt Damon is playing the main character Mark Watney. The Movie will be directed by Ridley Scott. Other Names that may sound familar will be Jeff Daniels or Jessica Chastain ( Interstaller).

During a Mars mission a heavy storm leads to the evacuation of the mars habitat. All astronauts make it to the return module except Mark Watney, who is later declared missing in action. But Mark survives the storm and has now to think of an way to contact Nasa and survive on Mars till a rescue mission might be able to get him back.

Viral Trailer:


Official Trailer:


I have high hopes for the upcoming movie. The Mars habitat in the trailer looks just as I pictured it from the descriptions in book. Also the trailer suggests that the movie script will be very close to original story from novel.

“Let’s science the shit out of this!”



Added the new viral Trailer.

Update 2:

Added XKCD comic.


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